Todas as demos do U2!

Todas as demos do U2!

Navegando pelo site @U2, descobri no fórum de discussões um tópico interessantíssimo sobre todas as demos que o U2 trabalhou em estúdio. Para os fãs mais novos, a banda tem a mania de usar “Working Titles”, ou seja, títulos diferentes em canções que acabam sendo lançadas em álbums e singles.

Algumas dessas raridades tem vindo a tona com a onda de relançamentos feita recentemente; Assim, descobrimos “Disappearing Act”, a instrumental “Yoshino Blossom”  e uma nova versão de “A Sort of Homecoming” na reedição de “The Unforgettable Fire”; “Rise Up”, “Desert of Our Love” e “Wave Of Sorrow” (que tinha o working title de “Birdland” na época) para o box de “The Joshua Tree”, e muitas outras.

Nesse novo “über” box dos sonhos do “Achtung Baby”, teremos a oportunidade de ouvir faixas como “Down All The Days” (que viria a se tornar “Numb” em “Zooropa”), “Near The Island”, “Oh! Berlin”, além das já manjadas “Blow Your House” e “Heaven and Hell”, que fazem parte do mais famoso bootleg de demos da banda, “Salomé”.

Mas, a idéia desse post não é ficarmos falando de faixas que pouca gente ouvi, e sim, tentar fazer com TODOS tenham a oportunidade de conhecê-las!

O objetivo é o seguinte; Vou listar aqui todas as demos e working titles conhecidos e listados no fórum da @U2 e gostaria que todos os UV’s que frequentam a lista e o site que possuam esse material nos indiquem ou um vídeo do YouTube ou o cd/arquivo que possua tais faixas. Várias delas serão bem fáceis de encontrar, algumas, precisaremos da ajuda dos colecionadores mais ávidos e seus cd’s empoeirados. Vamos tentar também alguma citação em algum livro ou reportagem, mencionando alguma explicação sobre tal faixa.

Topam o desafio?

Vamos a lista;

Fase “Early Days” (1976/1980)

Hang Up!”
“Concentration Cramp” *
“Night Fright”
“Inside Out”
“No Man’s Land”
“City at Night” *
“Life on A Distant Planet” ou “Lost on A Silent Planet” *
“False Prophet”
“Alone In the Light”
“The Dream Is Over”
“Street Mission” * (“The Complete U2”)
“The Fool” * (“The Complete U2”)
“The Magic Carpet” *
“Live My Life Tonight”
“Oh No”
“The Heart of A Child”
“I Realise”
“Pete the Chop”
“Touch” * (“Boy” Remaster)
“Cartoon World” * (“Boy” Remaster)
“Saturday Night” * (“Boy” Remaster)
“Speed of Life” * (“Boy” Remaster)
“The Cry”
“Silver Lining”
“Carry Me Home” *
“Father is An Elephant”
“Jack In A Box”
“Walk Away”
“The Black Cat”

Fase “October” / “War” (1981/1982)

It Just Might”
“Love Is A Word”
“No Man’s Land”
“Just As Well”
“Believe In Me”
“Silver Race”
“When I Fall Down”
“Cars And Aeroplanes”
“Shelter From The Storm”
“Change The Face”
“Plastic Flames”
“Sheet Musician”
“White Hair”
“Julie Says!”
“Darkest Night”
“Be There”
“Angels Too Tied To The Ground” * (“War” Remaster)

Fase “The Unforgettable Fire” (1984)

White City”
“Celtic Trap”
“Bird Whistle”
“African Sunrise”
“Spirits Of The Rising Sun”
“Three Minutes To Midnight”
“Percussion 1”
“Percussion 2”
“French Song”
“Slow Drive”
“Yoshino Blossom” (“The Unforgettable Fire” Remaster)

Fase “The Joshua Tree” / “Rattle And Hum” (1986/1988)

“Move Up”
“The Present Tense”
“The Executioner’s Song”
“Under The Weather Girls” ou “Desert of Our Love” (“The Joshua Tree” Remaster)
“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”
“Rise Up” * (“The Joshua Tree” Remaster)
“Birdland” ou “Wave of Sorrow” (“The Joshua Tree” Remaster)
“Beautiful Ghost” (“The Joshua Tree” Remaster)
“Tell Them The Story”
“Dance With Me Baby”
“Drunk Chicken/America” (“The Joshua Tree” Remaster)
“And You Didn’t Make Any Enemy”
“Heartland Storm”
“My Time Hasn’t Come”
“Moving Out”
“Prisoner Of Love”
“She’s Gonna Blow Your House Down”
“We Almost Made It This Time”
“Jesus Christ”
“Wild Irish Rose”
“She’s A Mystery To Me” *
“Little Angel of Harlem”

Fase “Achtung Baby” / “Zooropa” (1990/1993)

“Candy Man”
“Fat Boy”
“Sick Puppy”
“Down All Days”
“Stay At This Time”
“Let Me Know”
“Laughing In The Face Of Love”
“The Ballad Of New Orleans”
“She’s Holding On” ou “Bareback”
“Take You Down”
“Sunset In Colours”
“Get You Down”
“Back Mask”
“Heaven and Hell”
“Sweet Baby Jane”
“Take Today”
“Calling Out To Someone”
“Doctor, Doctor”
“Jitterbug Baby”
“Chances Away”
“She Gonna Turn Your Head Around”
“Going Down South”
“Where Did It All Go Wrong?”
“I Feel Free”
“Morning Child” ou Don’t Turn Around”
“I Feel Fine”
“Don’t Say Goodbye”
“The Darkest Night”
“Oh Berlin”
“Near the Island” ou “Night Train from Rostock”
“Everybody Loves A Winner”
“Cry Baby”
“Indian Jam”
“Piano Poem”
“In Cold Blood”
“The Dead Man”
“Lose Control”
“Bright Lights, Big City”
“If I Should Ever Lose Control”
“Revolution of The Heart”
“Jesus Drove Me”
“Johnny Cash On The Moon”
“If God Will Send His Angels” * (“Pop”)
“Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me” * (Trilha do filme “Batman Forever”)
“Wake Up, Dead Man” * (“Pop”)
“Crashed Car”
“Control Room”
“The Piano Song”
“Velvet Dress”

Fase “Passengers” / “Pop”

“Fleet Click”
“Plot ISO
“Tokyo Drift”
“Tokyo Glacier”
“Tokyo Drowning”
“Fast Bass”
“Loop 14”
“One Finger Piano”
“After The Jungle”
“Slow Sitar”
“Novelty Act”
“Nose Job”
“Untidy Life”
“Scott Walker”
“Suit Of Lights”
“Super City Mania”
“Something Happens”
“I Love The Apple Mac”
“The Return of The Fly”
“Sparky’s Left The Planet”
“Hymn To Mr. Universe”
“If I Should Ever Lose Control”
“Cry Baby”
“Big Girls Are Best” (“U2-7” EP)

Fase “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” (1998/2000)

Busy Bee”
“Stir My Soul”
‘Come On”
“Cowboy Miracle”
“Zubu House”
“Density Trap”
“Novelty Act”
“High Life House”
“Jam Man”
‘Frog Rock”
“Love Is All Around”
“Once Upon A Time”
“Never Say Goodbye”
“Most Beautiful Girl”
“Could Have Fooled Me”
“If I Had You To Myself”
“Baby’s Got No Home”
“Higher Than Love”
“Flower Child” * (“The Complete U2”)
“Lightning To Monday”
“Velvet Voice”
“Taffy Apple”
“Young Blood”
“Don’t Steel My Heart”
“Frontier Of The Skin”
“Sweat Of The Sun”
“The Discovery”
“Gum Tree”
“Love and Peace”
“Love You Like Mad” * (“The Complete U2”)
“Big Jesus About Town”
“Rock My Soul”
“Identity Crisis”
“Snow Is Falling”
“Miracle Driver”
“Home (This Bird Has Flown)”
“With My Body Thee Worship”
“Not Supposed To Be This Way”
“Are You Going To Wait Forever” * (“Vertigo” Single)
“Fallen Angel”
“Guardian Angel”
“A Man’s A Man”
“Electrical Storm * (“Best of 1990-00”)
“Try To Believe This”
“Dangerous Key”
“Big Rock Ballad”
“A Dozen Roses”
“Last Week Of My Life”
“Roll The Rocking Chair”
“Walk Thru The Circle”
“Yesterday And Tomorrow”
“But The Tears Will Come Soon”
“Time Enough For Tears”
“Love Will Never Say Goodbye”
“You Can’t Give Away Your Heart”
“Always” (“Beautiful Day” Single)
“Levitate” * (“The Complete U2”)
“One Step Closer To Knowing”
“We Love You” *
“The Sun”
“The Moon And The Stars”
“Lonely Soul’

Fase “How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” (2003/2004)

“Love Is”
“Mercy” *
“North Star” *
“Sky Hawk”
“Good Morning”
“Shark Soup” ou “Full Metal Jacket”
“Native Son” (“The Complete U2”)
“Xanax and Wine” (“The Complete U2”)
“Smile” * (“The Complete U2”)
“Lead Me In The Way I Should Go”
“Viva La Ramone”
“Mozza Balls” ou “Ali”

Gravações com Rick Rubin (2006)

Thank You For The Day”
“All My Life”
“Boy Falls From The Sky” * (Trilha sonora “Spider-Man”

Fase “No Line On The Horizon”

“Not As Yet”
“I Was Lost” ou “One Bird”
“For Your Love” ou “Stand Up”
“Velvet Hours”
“Anybody Is A Star”
“Chromium Chords”
“Four-Letter-Word” ou “Sexy Boots”
“House of Abraham”
“French Disco” ou “Only Love”
“Every Breaking Wave” *
“Pilgrim’s Lack Of Progress”
“If I Could Live My Life Again”
“Kingdom Of Your Love” ou “Soon” * (“Rose Bowl Super Deluxe”)
“Song of Ascent”
“Winter” * (“Linear”)
“Walk Out Into The Streets”

Sessões para o próximo disco (2009/…)

The Flowering Rose Of Glastonbury” ou “Glastonbury” *
“The Sacred Heart of Malibu”
“Mother of Pearl”
“Mount Zion”
“I’ll Believe Her When She Sings”
“The Return Of The Stingray Guitar” *

É isso!

A idéia é que qualquer informações, vídeo, link ou citação é bem-vinda!

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One Reply to “Todas as demos do U2!”

  1. “Trevor” = “Touch” (B-Side de 11 o’Clock Tick Tock)
    “Saturday Night” = Demo de “Fire” (“October”)
    “Silver Lining” = Demo de “11 O’Clock Tick Tock”
    “Father Is An Elephant” = Demo de “A Day Without Me”
    “Walk Away” = Demo de “I Will Follow”
    “The Black Cat” = Demo de “An Cat Dubh”
    “When I Fall Down” e “Julie Say Yes!” = Demos de “I Fall Down”
    “Darkest Night” = Demo de “October”
    “White City” = Demo de “Disappearing Act”, que foi refeita pra o Deluxe do “TUF”
    “The Executioner’s Song” = Demo de “Exit”
    “Under The Weather Girls” / “Desert Of Our Love” = Demos de “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (“TJT”)
    “Birdland” = Original de “Wave Of Sorrow”, que foi retrabalhada e saiu no deluxe do TJT
    “Prisoner Of Love” = Demo de “Love Rescue Me”
    “She’s a Mistery To Me” = Feita para Roy Orbinson, lançda como B-Side ao vivo
    “Little Angel Of Harlem” = Working Title de “Angel Of Harlem”
    “Sick Puppy” = Demo de “Mysterious Ways”
    “Down All The Days” / “In Cold Blood” = Demos de “Numb”
    “Get You Down” = Demo de “Acrobat”
    “She’s Holding On” / “Bareback” / “Morning Child” / “Don’t Turn Around” / “Don’t Say Goodbye” = Demos de “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?” (Achtung Baby)
    “Doctor Doctor” = Demo de “So Cruel”
    ‘I Feel Fine” / “I Feel Free” / “Darkest Hour” = Demos de “Until the End Of The World”
    “Sinatra” = Versão original de “Stay”
    “Prodigal Son” = Feita para Al Green, transformada em “The First Time” (Zooropa)
    “Jesus Drove Me” = Demo de “If God Will Send His Angels” (Pop)
    “Johnny Cash On the Moon” / “Wanderlust” = Demos de “The Wanderer”, com Johnny Cash
    “Crashed Car” = Demo de “Daddy’s Gonna pay For Your Crashed Car” (Zooropa)
    “Seibu” = Working title de “Slug”, do projeto Passengers
    “One Finger Piano” = Working Title de “Beach Sequence”, também do Passengers
    “MFFR” / “The Return Of The Fly” / “Mother” / “Oedipussy” = Demos de “Mofo” (Pop)
    “Scott Walker” / “Fire Fly” / “Sky Hawk City” = Demos de “City Of Blinding Lights”
    “Suit of Lightd” = Working title de “Gone”
    “Hymn To Mr. Universe” = Working Title de “Playboy Mansion”
    “Super City Mania” = Demo de “Miami”
    “Sometimes” / “Tough” = Demos de “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own”
    “Love And Peace” = Working title de “Love And PEace Or Else”
    “Home (This Bird Has Flown” = Working title de “Walk On”
    “Always” = demo de “Beautiful Day”
    “One Step Closer To Knowing” = Working title de “One Step Closer”
    “Shark Soup” / “Full Metal Jacket” / “Native Son” / “Viva La Ramona” = Demos de “Vertigo”
    “Xanas and Wine” = Demo de “Fast Cars”
    “Mozza bells” / “Ali” = Demos de “Yahweh”
    “Tripoli” = Working title de “Being born” (NLOTH)
    “Chrominium Chords” = Working Title de “Fez” (NOLOTH)
    “Diorama” = Demo de “I’ll Go Crazy”
    “For Your Love” / “Stand Up” = Working Titles de “Stand Up Comedy”
    “French Disco” / “Only Love” = Working titles de “Magnificent”
    “Sexy Boots” / “Four Letter Word” = “Get On Your boots”
    “I Was Lost” = “Unknwon Caller”
    “Walk Out Into the Street” = “Breathe”

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