U22 Review

U22 Review

I have to confess I´ve had U22 in my hands for about a month and I´m still impressed with it. Most people say U22 is the best gift U2.COM ´s ever given to the fans and I have to agree. The photo book is beautiful.  It´s really great to see “The Claw” in so many colours and lights and from different angles. That thing is such a masterpiece!

I think it was Larry who said that the audience is an important part for U2 in the show and,in the 360º tour, fans could be very close to the band and all around the stage. It was amazing!

I´m proud to say that it was in São Paulo that 360º got the record for the highest-grossing concert tour. And I was part of that. Such a special tour deserved something like U22.

First of all, it was a brilliant idea to ask fans their favorite songs. Everyone could vote and choose the track list. Over the time, 360º concerts changed and I guess the final track list reflects a little bit of the last leg of the tour in 2011, as the shows I´ve seen in Brazil with ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’ opening the nights.

It´s extraordinary to listen to songs like ‘One Tree Hill’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Walk On’ with that speech, which reminds me of the scene of Amnesty International volunteers on the stage. It´s hard to explain the feeling.

Or the electrical energy in ‘Beautiful Day’, ‘Elevation’, ‘City Of Blinding Lights’, ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ and ‘Out of Control’. It´s touching and it gives me a sense to be back in time in the stadium singing out loud with all my friends.

Talking about going back in time, it´s so good that ‘The Unforgettable Fire’, ‘Zooropa’ and ‘Ultra Violet (Light My Way)’ are in U22. Songs that usually are not in the set list and hadn´t been played in the last tours. Die hard fans love when the band brings these songs back to life again .

At the same time, ‘Magnificent’ and ‘Moment of Surrender’ are from the recent album ‘No Line On The Horizon’ but they get a lot of emotion as well. Great songs that are already in our hearts.

The 360º tour was so remarkable in the rock´n´roll history and also to the band and fans that all of us deserved something that special. U22 is like a family jewel with many memories – I mean, good memories – and you want to keep it with you forever to always remember those happy moments. It´s absolutely priceless!

Fernanda Bottini

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